Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness

I’ve been telling gatherings that as Consciousness we’re delighted by Donald Trump and I’m perplexed will get stoned by an irate horde a short time later.

I absolutely get it. Since at one level, there’s nothing entertaining about the devastation incident to our nation, our medicinal services, our national stops, our national security, ladies’ rights, non-white individuals, LBGTQ, I could continue forever.

It’s maddening, and it’s frightening.

At that same level, it’s moved toward becoming so bizarro world in the news, the main reaction is insane giggling.

The diversion I’m discussing isn’t that sort of giggling. Be that as it may, nor is it ‘given them a chance to eat cake’ sort of giggling, either. It’s not impudent, it’s not disavowal.

Cognizance diversion is extensive, similar to the sky, similar to the sea. It’s grasping and incorporating. It’s lack of bias and empathy in the meantime.

I’ll admit that I couldn’t have composed these words a couple of months prior. I was excessively infuriated. I didn’t care for the parallel universe I ended up in on November ninth. Furthermore, it shook my certainty about the work that I do.

You know the responses, battle, stop, or flight? I had the initial two while longing for the third one. Battling is my method for not getting deadened by dread.

Dread is a body feeling, bodies consider everything important, bodies wouldn’t make it out of this lifetime alive. Bodies feel the effect of the news.

We’re not ignoring or forsaking our bodies by permitting diversion, by unwinding in. It’s enabling Consciousness to be more present in physical frame. Bodies locate this encouraging. (Since, hello, a body without Consciousness is dead).

So back to diversion. I know we’re all in all getting through this, that we’re surfacing to another level, in light of the fact that these words are being composed.

As Consciousness you exist both in this physical world, and outside of it. Most of you exists outside of time and space. The perspective is more than the master plan of your individual life and this point on your course of events. Most of you sees all lifetimes and all conceivable outcomes.

In the event that you could end your life as it is presently and hold it in this greater setting, what might that resemble for you?

In the event that you realized that nothing was ever lost, including friends and family, what might that resemble for you?

On the off chance that the narrative of your life had endless conceivable plot turns accessible to you, what might that resemble?

Awareness’ understanding of this world is thankfulness, satisfaction, ponder. Entertainment, since it encounters no misfortune. Beguilement, since it considers nothing important (not to be mistaken for lack of respect or negligence).

Throughout the months, a considerable measure of profound individuals have said the main counteractant to what’s going on is love, to send Donald Trump love. I couldn’t do that from the space I was in some time recently.

Presently, I can perceive how.

As Consciousness, you adore this world as it is your creation, your play area, your fish tank, your youngsters, your physical home, your plants, your pets. There is cherishing nonpartisanship with the world and with how storylines unfurl.

Furthermore, I solidly trust, no, I know since I see it happening, that as more noteworthy Consciousness comes into shape, as we’re so emphatically encountering now, that things can change rapidly (now and again in a moment).

The present story can be turned around or modified at any minute.

(I’m composing this on a Tuesday, to be distributed on Friday, so I’m exceptionally inquisitive to perceive what unfurls by then).

Similarly as individuals transmitting love into the world have affect (as much effect as calling Congress and walking), so does enabling yourself to be entertained. It’s a road for more prominent Consciousness.

There’s space for all reactions, as they work on various vibratory levels.

See if, amidst the assault of news, you have flashes of diversion. That is the more noteworthy You getting through.

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